Can Chiropractic give me more Energy?

When your spine has misalignments the body has to compensate for those misalignments.  These compensations in the musculoskeletal system waste energy in your body.  When the misalignments are corrected by the adjustment, your body can take that energy it was wasting compensating, and use it for other body functions, thus improving overall energy and function.

Another component is the nerve compression that can result from the misalignment of the spine.  These misalignments cause muscle spasms that compress nerves.  The function of the organs and muscles that are fed by these nerves can be reduced because of the compression on the nerves.  When the spine is adjusted, the tone of the muscle returns to normal and the function of the muscles and organs returns to a more normal state.  This normalized state can lead to more energy overall.  Get adjusted for optimal energy!