Can Chiropractic help prevent Arthritis?

Arthritis is often just the body’s reaction to abnormal stressors being placed on it.  It is essentially a negative response to the pull of gravity on bones.  Bones are dynamic structures and they will change shape over time according to stressors placed on them.  Abnormal stress on bones from poor posture or improper ergonomics will result in destructive changes in the bones over time.  Degenerative changes are also common with improperly moving spinal joints caused by misalignments.  These degenerative changes often begin without symptoms or pain or other warning signs.  By the time pain is felt, it has often been degenerating for a long time.

With early detection, chiropractic has been shown to slow, stop, or even reverse the early stages of arthritic degeneration. Do yourself a favor and receive regular chiropractic care to avoid degenerative arthritis in your body.  You will live a longer and much more comfortable life in a well adjusted body!