Why do I feel more relaxed after an Adjustment?

Patients often feel more relaxed after an adjustment and even sleep better.  The adjustment has also been known to lower blood pressure.  How does this occur?  The upper neck partly houses an area known as the brain-stem, which is where the cranial nerves originate from.  One such nerve is cranial nerve 10 or the Vagus nerve.  This nerve is partly responsible for the parasympathetic (rest and digest) innervations to many digestive organs as well as the heart and lungs.

When the upper neck alignment is off, it is thought that the Vagus nerve can be affected in a way that makes us more tense or uptight.  When the misalignment is adjusted, the function of that nerve is normalized and a feeling of relaxation is a common result.  It is this same mechanism that likely is reducing blood pressure as well.  Try chiropractic the next time you need to take the edge off!