Can Ribs be Adjusted?

Ribs can be adjusted like any other bone in the body.  The ribs articulate with the vertebra of the spine and can often misalign by over twisting your torso.  One of the most painful experiences is when a rib misaligns.  The most common symptom is a stabbing pain and an inability to take a deep breath.  This pain can often be felt in the back or the front near the sternum.  These symptoms often send people to the ER because it can mimic a heart attack when on the left side.  The adjustment is simple and the relief is immediate.  Unfortunately many spend time and money at the ER first, trying to figure out what is wrong.  Next time you have stabbing pain that makes it difficult to take a deep breath, stop by for a quick adjustment to make sure it isn’t simply a rib out of place.  It will save you time, aggravation, and lots of money at the ER!